The Skandagiri Trek Experience

The Skandagiri Trek Experience


  •       Skandagiri hills is at a distance of 70 kms from Bangalore
  •       Panoramic views and natural landscapes
  •       View of fort and temples during the skandagiri trek
  •       Seamless Skandagiri trek booking experience with our team
  •       Safe for solo travellers
  •       Sense of achievement on completion of Skandagiri night trek


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One of the most popular treks near Bangalore is to the Skandagiri hills. These treks act as a refreshing adventure in contrast to the normal humdrum of a student or working professional’s lives. The Skandagiri trek is a great choice for a quick breather that engages you in views; a sportive and steadily paced rhythm of a climb and creates memories that leave a comforting and happy impact. Our Skandagiri night treks see all sorts of trekkers, be it first timers or trekking enthusiasts; groups or solo travellers; the excited, the scared, the energetic, the vary; we’ve seen them all. Our goal is to make sure that every trekker feels welcome and actively participates and makes it through their Skandagiri trekking experience with a happy smile and beautiful memories.

A mix of unique rocks and boulders, interspersed with thick vegetation makes for the route that our trek leaders lead the travellers through during the Skandagiri hills trek. The beauty of nature also mingles with the ruins of the old fort that depicts a calming mix between rustic and new life. Indigenous building methods of shelters and temples can be seen along the path, which add on to the charming visuals along the climb. The path is clearly demarcated to avoid any sort of diversion from it and while you focus on finding the right footing and trudging along the slippery parts of the route, do not forget to look up and catch the sights around you. The Skandagiri night trek is a beautiful experience. The flora and fauna mixing in with the route creates a natural haven for the beholder. The Skandagiri night trek is a crowd favourite with it being a package of mesmerising visuals of the starry night sky to the mystical palette of colours that is the sunrise; this trek is an exquisite mix between dynamic panoramas and natural landscapes.  

What started with our Instagram ad about the Skandagiri hills night trek we have to offer that caught the eye of a group of friends, led to an amazing experience that these friends expressed with happiness. While it was Ankit’s first trek with friends, he was quite excited and had a really nice time. Shyam did not expect the Skandagiri hills trek to be as amazing and couldn’t hold back on the compliments. He thought the trek would be easier but with the help of the team, he got through it with a sense of accomplishment; while he left us with a perfect rating of 100 on 100. Shivsharan had been on many treks previously but Skandagiri hills trek was a new experience and our trek was right on time, took care of all the safety measures and the three heads involved were very supportive and kind. Being Rohit’s first trek, he had a good time and even though he found it challenging, at the end it was fruitful.

We also have had a good number of solo travellers continually interested in our Skandagiri hills trek booking option. Be it our other treks or the Skandagiri hills night trek, with the help of the constant support of the team and the experienced trek leaders, your adventure is a safe and invigorating one. We are passionate about making sure that everything runs smoothly while you start your Skandagiri hills trek booking and we'll see you through all the way till the end, for a seamless experience. No matter what the travelling dynamic, the end goal of watching the panoramic views and being a part of the landscape really brings out the happiness within every traveller. Start your Skandagiri trek booking today! The beauty of the Skandagiri hills night trek awaits one and all! 

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