Things To Do Around Gokarna

Things To Do Around Gokarna

Gokarna has plenty of gorgeous beaches with scenic views to offer (click here to read our blog on the top 5 Gokarna beaches you need to visit!). But are you wondering what else Gokarna has to offer? Well, lucky for you this blog has all the information you need about the plethora of activities Gokarna has to offer!

  1. Mahabaleshwar Temple
  2. Banana Boat Ride
  3. Flea Market Shopping
  4. Shell Collecting
  5. Tree House
  6. Shiva Statue
  7. Yana
  8. Mirjan Fort
  9. Learn Surfing
  10. Caving


  • Mahabaleshwar Temple – Spiritual Trip

One of the most important things to do in Gokarna is to give yourself up to Shiva linga's embrace at Mahabaleshwar Temple. It is located on Koti Teertha Road, Koti Teertha, Gokarna and also serves as an entry point into Gokarna Main Beach.


The distance of the temple from the Gokarna bus stand is 500 km. This pilgrimage is one of the most visited temples in Gokarna, and not just because of how peaceful and tranquil it is. Its exquisite Dravidian architecture is also difficult to overlook and mesmerises with its enduring beauty. An interesting fact is that the lingam in this temple is only revealed to the public eye only once every 40 years.


  • Banana Boat Ride

Climb atop a banana boat and be pulled into the surf for an adrenaline rush at Om Beach if you're looking forward to some of Gokarna's most daring activities. An inflatable boat without a motor known as a "banana boat" is designed to be pulled behind a jet ski. You can board banana boats directly from the shore, sit back, and enjoy the journey for up to 12 passengers. Take in the sights of the shoreline and the underwater world comfortably.


Unquestionably one of the best things to do in Gokarna, this special experience brings out the child in all of us. Additionally to the banana boat, there are other water sports available in Gokarna if you're wondering what to do there. Banana boat rides are enjoyable and healthy because they are believed to increase cardiovascular exercise.

  • Flea market shopping

Like Goa, one of the best things to do in Gokarna is to explore the flea markets. Gokarna has plenty of shopping opportunities, but among all the things to do in Gokarna, purchasing handmade items and souvenirs from the locals stands out as a must. Vintage thrift shops, pawn stores, artisanal products are your go-to’s. Usually timings are 5 pm to 9 pm.


There are numerous stalls that sell jewellery and home accents made of shells. Each of these objects stands out from the marketed goods that are all around us and stifle creativity because of the personal touch. You can also discover musical instruments and medicinal herbs at some of the vendors. Shopping is a must-do activity when visiting Gokarna.


  • Shell Collecting

Everyone enjoys acquiring mementos to keep as a memento of enjoyable moments spent with family and to give as gifts to loved ones back home. So how can one resist acquiring souvenirs when they are absolutely free and stunning? An enjoyable activity in Gokarna near Om Beach is to take a leisurely stroll with the waves of the ocean lapping at one's feet, collect some lovely and unusual seashells, and allow one's creativity to run wild. It is located 5 km from the Gokarna Bus Stop. Fun fact: there are over 50 varieties of shells you can find!


  • Tree House

Take in the breathtaking beach view with the endless expanse of blue water, luscious palm trees, and foamy white waves lashing on the shore by climbing up in a treehouse on the beaches. Gokarna is a city with an endless number of things to do, so there's always something new to discover there. One of the better possibilities for this kind of boarding in Gokarna is the Namaste Yoga Farm's treehouses. In relation to the Gokarna Bus Stop, it is situated around 3 kilometres away on Kudle Beach Road. Timings are from 9 am to 11 pm.


  • Shiva Statue

This is the second-largest Shiva statue in the nation and is a sacred point that resembles the god emerging from the waves in the distance. The elaborate Murudeshwar temple, a stunning representation of Hinduism, is high on the list of things to do close to Gokarna. It is situated 78 kilometres from the Gokarna Bus Stop on Murudeshwar Temple Main Road in Murdeshwar Bhatkal Taluk. Don't forget to visit Murudeshwar's main attractions while you're here, too!


  • Yana

Every trekker's dream spot is this charming tiny hill station tucked away in the Sahyadri hills' abundant biodiversity. With its lush vegetation and diverse flora and wildlife, it has an attractive natural beauty that enchants. Trekking in Yana has become an essential component of the many Gokarna activities since it is home to the Bhairaveshwara Peak and Mohini Peak, which are thought to have holy significance. It ranks highly among the best things to do in Gokarna. Don't forget to visit the famous black Yana Caves while you're here (click here for more information on Yana Caves)!


  • Mirjan Fort

One of the top tourist destinations in Gokarna are the ancient ruins of Mirjan Fort, which is renowned for its glorious past and elegant architectural design. This fort from the 16th century has an illustrious past and cultural splendour. However, there are numerous versions of the fort's origin, not just one. The fort was built by Chennai Bhairavi Devi, the Queen of Geroppa and "Queen of Pepper," according to the most widely accepted account.


Although you can visit this ancient site any time of year, it is recommended that you do so between September and February. You can take advantage of the nice showers that happen during this period to further enhance the cleanliness and exceptionality of the environment. A vibrant canopy of flowers and lush greenery blanket the surrounding region. Additionally, there are a number of grasslands on the grounds of the fort.


  • Learn Surfing

One of the most well-liked tourist activities is surfing, which is located along a sunny coastline. The best thing is that learning to surf doesn't require prior experience; instead, 3- to 9-hour sessions are offered to beginners interested in trying this exhilarating sport. Additionally, Gokarna is a fantastic location for this activity. For additional information about surfing, click this link!


  • Caving

The Shiva cave in Gokarna is a well-liked tourist destination and a famous trekking location. This old building is a must-see if you want to discover Gokarna's natural settings as well as have an underground experience. The Kudle beach is close to this tiny cave temple. The shrine is located inside the cave, and you must descend it to get there. A particular species of resident bats also resides in the Shiva cave.

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