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 Starting from humble roots as any company does, EscapeLimits has blossomed into one of the fastest growing travel and adventure sports agencies. Customers and the business both have a passion for travel and adventure, which fuels the company's tenacity and leads to daily growth for the EscapeLimits family!


We conduct a wide range of activities with the help of our skilled team, including different treks, adventure sports like rock climbing, kayaking, and rafting, nationwide backpacking trips, cultural excursions, and picture walks. By employing them to provide food, lodging, and guides, we are adamant about empowering the neighbourhood communities. Along with our travels, we make it a point to protect the environment by organising cleanup campaigns all around India.


You will be guided to your ideal location by our expert crew. You simply need to get ready to see different destinations, engage with the cultures there, and watch sunrises from new mountaintops; the rest is on us!


We guarantee you the most thrilling and unforgettable events where you can embrace your daring side. If you have a constant urge to move forward and discover amazing locations, come along with us and be a part of the EscapeLimits family!