Gokarna Adventure package

Gokarna Adventure package

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About Gokarna Adventure Package

One of the most popular trekking destinations, Skandagiri hills (Kalwarbetta or Kalavara Durga) is located at a distance of about 70 km from Bangalore. It is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty around the region and adore the charm of the night. With a million stars twinkling above the sky, the Skandagiri night trek calls you for a memorable trip. From viewing the sky lit by stars to viewing an amazing sunrise, the trip has it all.


🧭 Trek distance: (8 km to and fro)
🧭 Trek difficulty: Easyto Moderate(contains rocky terrain)
🧭 Age limit: Minimum of 8 years
🧭 Altitude: 1450m
🧭 The main trekking experience is at night.
🧭 The terrain is rugged with stones, small muddy sections, our trek leaders will be there to guide you.
🧭 Group size: approx. 40 people, equal ratios of men and women.

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Why Escape Limits?

Our Trekkers Safety

We at Escape Limits consider you our family, and your safety is a testament to our dedication and love for this family. Our specially curated safety protocols are of paramount importance.  Join us with our team of experienced trip guides, passionate social media team and 24/7 running call support.

Safety for Women

Skandagiri is
comparatively safe for solo female travellers due to the fact that the
businesses are given the most importance to maintain a certain degree of
reliability. Our team at Escape Limits connects with such individuals to give
you a secure and memorable experience.

Certificate of Completion

We at Escape Limits are passionate about celebrating the small victories and imprinting memories for life. So when you join us on your Skandagiri trip, you head back home with a head full of memories and a certificate of completion to commemorate this.

Trek leads trained for first response

Escape Limit's trek leads are experienced and passionate about bringing to you the best Skandagiri experience you can possibly have. From knowing the ins and outs of Skandagiri to ensuring your safety by being trained in first response, our team is the best option to fall back on.

Trust badges

Our trust badges are an indication of our legitimate passion and how serious we are about providing you the best trip and experience possible. Book a trip with Escape Limits today to understand how we got our credentials.

4.9 Google rating

Let our rating do the talking. Feedback is very important to our team at Escape Limits and our Google reviews are a testament to the quality of our packages and the experience that awaits you. So book a trip with us today!

Quality transport

We are always up for the best option as you rely on us for your trips. If you opt for our transport then rest assured that quality and maintenance are the most important points we focus on, while we ensure that your ride arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Custom trips

We at Escape Limits consider you before all else and hence our trips are specially curated around your needs, because at the end of the day, you should head back home with a big smile and a head full of beautiful memories.

Team building activities

We at Escape Limits build you up as a team with our various fun and energetic activities. Sign up for a Trek today to experience these activities and join in with people from different walks of life. We see our activities as the best icebreakers for your new friendships.

Gokarna Adventure Itineary

Day 1

◽Start from the pickup point according to the time given.
(remember to use the washroom en route)

◽Reach the base by 2:30 AM
(approx. depending on pickup point)

◽Relax for 30m.

◽Play games and do activities till 3:45 AM.

15m of stretches and walk towards the checking office.  

◽Start your hike at4:00 AM to observe the sunrise.

Day 2

◽Descend, reach back to the base by 9:30AM
◽Have Breakfast en route. The estimated time for Breakfast is 10:30AM.
◽Depart and reach Bangalore by1:00PM
(approx. depending on drop-off point).

Pick up points

Note:- We are open to customized pickup locations, but they should be on the nearest main road or a bus stop. Any change in pickup point should be updated via email or WhatsApp 24h before the trek.

📍 RR Nagar - Gopalan Arcade, Mysore road
📍 Banashankari- Bus Stop
📍 BTM - Udupi Garden Bus Stop, Near A2B
📍 Silk Board - Silicon Valley Hotel (toward Marathalli road)
📍 Marathahalli - Opposite Kalamandir
📍 Tin Factory- Bus Stop
📍 Hebbal-Opposite to Esteem Mall

Things To Carry

To carry your essentials on the hike.

🛍️use a small but sturdy backpack.
😷Masks and hand sanitizer.
📝Identification (soft copy of Aadhar ID card, ID cards, etc)
🪲Insect repellent (mosquito repellent cream)
🔋Phone chargers
☔Raincoat (monsoon season)
🍼Water bottles (1 liter)
🍌Energy snacks and drinks
🩹First aid box (make sure to include allergy medications)
🧥A warm layer of clothing (jacket)
💵Cash (always handy to keep as there are no nearby ATMs)

Important Things To Keep In Mind

It is ideal if you have a strategy for your journey to Skandagiri, so don't forget to keep the following points in mind:

💠Avoid wearing clothing not meant for trekking such as saris and carrying jewelry or other valuables.
💠Consumption of alcohol or smoking is not allowed.
💠Do not litter and ruin the beauty of nature.
💠Keep your waste in your backpacks and dispose of it after the trek is complete.
💠It is suggested against participating in this trip if you have any health issues like asthma, etc.
💠Please speak with your doctor before doing this hike as well.
💠For this specific expedition, wear full sleeves and pants because the insects and woodland leeches might become very active.
💠Do not skip meals, eat well and stay hydrated as this is quite a physically straining activity.
💠Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience!


Know More About Gokarna

Gokarna is a gorgeous beach town located in Karnataka, nestled on the coasts of the Arabian Sea. It is where the Mahabaleshwar temple, a must-see Hindu pilgrimage site, is located. Alternating between beaches and hilly terrain, the trek consists of some of the most scenic beaches here in India. Having 5 major beaches, Om beach and Kudle Beach are the most ideal when it comes to trekking stretches of beaches with golden sand, rugged terrains, an amazing panoramic sunset, unexplored coves, and charming temples.The dream destination for travel lovers, foodies or photographers this trek is the perfect opportunity to experience the tranquility of nature and soak in its beauty.

The trek begins from Gokarna beach, from where we trek till Belekan beach. This is where the actual trek begins. Then, Paradise beach is reached by a ferry and it truly lives up to its name with full moon nights keeping us company.  As we continue on our journey, we eventually arrive at Half Moon Beach. Here, you can enjoy hanging out in hammocks or being courageous enough to stand at the edge of a cliff.

We keep an eye out for sunset as the sun steadily descends toward the horizon during the course of our journey as we reach Om beach. The exotic seafood cuisine at Kudle Beach, which is well-liked by both domestic and foreign tourists, can thrill your taste buds if you're a foodie. We'll eventually arrive at the Main Beach as the day slowly draws to a rewarding close with dinner and relaxation.



I have booked the trek when will I get further updates regarding the trek

Well, most of our treks are usually confirmed by Thursday and you would receive a BON
VOYAGE mail that would contain details as regards Pickup Points ( Location and Timings ),
Outdoor Leader ( Point of Contact ), Do’s and Don’ts. You’ll be added to Whatsapp Group for all
the further updates.

Would I be added to a WhatsApp Group once the trek is confirmed?

Yes, the Bon Voyage mail would contain a link for Whatsapp Group through which one can join
and interact with fellow travelers and outdoor leaders.

I'm a solo traveller, Can I join?

The interesting thing about travelling alone is that you get to meet new people from diverse
backgrounds, and towards the end, you are no longer strangers. Hence solo travellers are
always welcome to join us on our trips

Is it safe for Women/Girls?

Safety and security are our priority at all times. Hence it is safe for women/girls to join us on
our treks and travels. Our trek leaders accompany the team at all times, and our campsites are
secured and safe for accommodation. We also have female trek leaders who accompany us on
most of our treks.

Do I have to carry luggage all the way during trekking?

Not at all. You could keep all the extra luggage back at the campsite/homestay and carry only
the necessary stuff for the trek (Raincoats, Torchlight, Waterbottle, lunchbox, and your valuable)

Do you have Washrooms during the trek?

Well, you are in the mountains and none of our trails have a washroom facility during the trek.

Do I have any other boarding points apart from the ones mentioned?

Yes, we do have options for picking a traveller on board with a few locations provided they
are on the route to our destination

How do I avail discounts?

We have discounts for group, contact us on Instagram to know more.

What is "Without Travel" option during my booking process?

Well, if you select this option, all the travel arrangements for your entire itinerary must be
managed by yourself, and Plan the Unplanned crew will not be managing anything related to
your travel. We recommend you come via car for a smooth travel experience to, from and within
the destination.

Would I be able to postpone to a future in case I do not attend the trek on the day ofdeparture?

We are extremely sorry, you cannot postpone to any future date in case you fail to attend the
trek on the mentioned date for any reasons whatsoever ( family/health/work emergencies ). You
can write to us at admin@escapelimits.com as regards and our team will get in touch
with you on the same

I've never gone on a hike before, so can I do this one?

The Skandagiri trek is a easy-moderate trek and one can easily do this trek with a moderate

Can we leave the luggage at the homestay/tents?

A one day trek wouldn’t have the facility of a homestay and hence you’ll have to leave your
luggage in the bus and carry the necessary to the trek.

What about Skandagiri’s cellphone network and connectivity?

Only until the Base of the peak will you have access to a mobile network for practically all
major providers like as Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, and others. From the base to the peak of Skandagiri,
you will be outside of the network service area

What is the best time to trek Skandagiri?

: The ideal season to hike to Skandagiri is from September to February, as the path turns
muddy and slippery during heavy monsoons, making the descent difficult, while summers are
too humid.

Is the trail filled with leeches?

No, it is not filled with leeches

Is there a night trek from Bangalore to Skandagiri?

During the winter and summer months, a night walk to Skandagiri from Bangalore is
accessible. For novices, night trek is an easy level with medium endurance.

Is there food and water on the Skandagiri Trek?

There will be no food or drink available on the walk; you must carry your own. On this hike,
bring two to three litres of water with you. To avoid hot and salty foods, bring some packed food
such as whole fruits, dry snacks, energy bars, and cakes.

Skandagiri Night Trek With Camping

If you are looking for a trek with Camping, Bonfire, Music, Dance, Adventure sports etc.. This is the package for you.

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